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Cardiovascular Lab

The research carried out in the Department aims at deepening our understanding of changes in the regulation of the cardiovascular system in disease conditions which affect modern society, with special focus on arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction and heart failure, renal failure, obesity and depression.
The lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment for radio-telemetry recordings of cardiovascular parameters and biopotentials (Hemodynamic Lab I), invasive hemodynamic measurements (Hemodynamic Lab II), and for non-invasive longitudinal measurements of arterial blood pressure (Hemodynamic Lab III) in small laboratory animals.

Hemodynamic Lab I

The DSI telemetry equipment is used to carry out chronic continuous measurements of hemodynamic parameters and biopotentials (blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, EEG) and motor activity in freely moving rats in their living cages.


Hemodynamic Lab II

The invasive measurements of hemodynamic parameters (arterial blood pressure, heart rate, pressures in the right and left ventricles) and biopotentials (ECG, renal sympathetic nerves activity) are carried out with Biopac MP150 and MP100 systems in awake and in anesthetized animals.


Hemodynamic Lab III

The volumetric method is used for non-invasive measurements of arterial blood pressure in small laboratory animals in longitudinal studies (CODA system, Kent Scientific).